Commissions open on a slot based system, not on demand.
Slots are announced on my active social medias.
i DO NOT do pings for slots
If theres not a recent post saying slots are open, then:


I do NOT open commissions often.
This page is mostly just to give additional info, my TOS and give an idea of what i might offer. I tend to do them for emergencies only. They maybe only open about once a year.
ART TRADES ARE FOR CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY (I will initiate the trade)


Paypal only
I WILL draw toony gore/blood and horror themes
I WILL NOT draw fetish content.
I never open public NSFW commissions, do not ask about them.
I specialize in anthro characters, but can do feral and hesitantly attempt humans



Halfbody - £50
fullbody - £70

These drawings will be more detailed than my other options. I will draw your character, make sure you have a full, unshaded ref, and tell me if you have any specifics in mind.They come with and without the filter, the quality can vary, though the filter is reccomended!


Fullbody - £50

My feral for ponies and any other species can vary, but is usually a bit more stylized and toony. Therefore these cost less. I'd rather not do halfbodies of these.


Mini Ref - £60

Custom designs I open quite rarely, usually to people i know well. I love designing however designing for someone else is a tricky thing.
However if I like your idea I might accept it!
You will receive a coloured sketch fullbody of your design, with:
its name, pronouns, a few words to explain personality, and the colour pallette.
And depending on design requirements it may include simple drawings of relevant accessories, outfits, and props. And/or chibis or headshots to explain details.


I tend not to shade, but if youd like me to do simple/cel shading on any piece (except ref sheets) it will cost £15 extra.


Each piece comes free with a heavily manipulated photo background. If you want something specific, please mention it.
A hand drawn background can be discussed but prices and quality may vary. Ask me for examples.


A ref sheet can be discussed, though it may be pricy. Results may look similar to how I do my customs, though more specifics can be worked out.


By commissioning me you agree:

I am NOT a professional or a business, I do this for fun and my quality can greatly vary, so do not go in expecting perfection please, and do not treat me like your employee, you should find another artist if you'd like someone who takes the job more seriously!Please have a clean unshaded fullbody reference for me to work and colour pick from. Please have at least an expression in mind when commissioning (poses and props and other ideas help too!).I dont do paticularly neat or clean art, i am not a perfectionist or a professional, please do not expect me to change my style. Go elsewhere for cleaner or more precise art.I will send wips at every stage of the process, feel free to request changes or ask me to correct design mistakes. But do not overdo it, I like some artistic freedom.I won’t do anything more than a sketch until I’m paid. And if I do more than a sketch, I will not do full refunds. So when the sketch is done, you have to choose whether you want it or not.If you don't like the sketch, I can draw you another with some additional details, though I will only do this once.If the piece is completed fully, or past the colour stage there will be no refund, I did the time lol.I can display my artwork for you on various other social media platforms, as an example of what I can so for future customers. (I'd love to tag you!) You can also display and post the art i do for you freely. (I'd love to be tagged!)I can watermark/add my signature to the piece as I see fit, for the protection of my work and your piece. I will try to minimize the how intrusive it is.Your work may take more time than given in estimates, depending on situational changes. I am, sadly, only mortal.I may need to cancel your project and refund any money paid during certain circumstances. As I am not a business, just a guy, and extremely prone to art block (why I don't open commissions much) this could very well happen. This is why I prefer to wait til ive done a sketch before I'm paid. If this happens after youve been charged it will be a full refund, so don't worry.


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